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Trevor: Starting Out

Trevor’s* life was chaotic. In his mid-twenties, he was gaining traction in his career—the most recent was a switch to an accelerating startup company—in addition to making big financial purchase decisions and starting a family. He knew he needed to get his financial life under control, and had a rough idea of where to start, but did not have the expertise or time to devote to accomplish everything himself.

Today, he has a very “clean” financial sheet. With FSG’s assistance, Trevor’s old 401(k)s have been organized, consolidated, and invested with more fund selection and active management, while he is maximizing his current employer’s 401(k) contribution opportunity. His Savings is funded in case of emergency or work strife. He wants his toddler to have money for secondary, Trade School, or University education so he began an education savings account with $1,000 that he now contributes to monthly. His young family would greatly miss his income and support should something happen to him so with our assistance he obtained life insurance.

Trevor’s current financial situation wouldn’t have been possible without his responsiveness to our outreach. When we provide recommendations or guidance, he engages with questions and returns documents and emails promptly. This made his experience creating financial “order from chaos” efficient and seamless so that now he can live his busy life knowing he is pursuing his financial plan for his future.

*Name changed

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