Transforming Your Business Savvy into Investment Savvy

As a business owner, it can be difficult to invest strategically for the future as you must deal with the day-to-day of running your business; sometimes, delegation to a professional is the most effective way to be successful and maximize your valuable time. 

At Financial Solutions Group, we are here to assist you in making compensation and benefit plan decisions and can provide tailored, cost-effective solutions so that you do not have to solely rely on the value of your business in the future to provide a future income.

Our areas of expertise that we can help you address include:


Establishing a Compensation Plan

Often, business owners are the last and least paid employee for his time, risk and effort. We help you design a compensation plan that maximizes the possible benefit to you.


 Employee Benefits Planning

Identify the best options to reward and retain your employees while maximizing your investment.


Business Protection

Complete proactive planning for the unexpected death, disability and other disruption to yourself or key employees.        


Business Succession Planning & Post Work-Life Planning

Up to this point, your time has been spent dealing with personnel decisions, capital allocations, how to grow sales, cut costs and constantly putting out fires. As you begin to think about your long-term future and retirement, many questions will also arise about the future of the company you have built.


We will help you through the many emotional and financial decisions needed to establish an exit strategy and how to structure the sale of your business on your terms to maximize your years of hard work. Additionally, we can help you avoid the pitfalls of post-business life as you will be faced with unique psychological challenges as you transition to working less or not at all.