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Business Owners

Financial Solutions Group can assist you:

  • Invest in a tax-efficient way [during the beginning, accumulation, and/or sale (of the business) phases]
  • Learn how to have your money work for you, not you work for your money.
  • Establish benefits that encourage employee retention and help to attract new talent.
  • Provide guidance during the sale of the business to outside entities or family members.
Business Retirement Plan Consulting

Business Retirement Plan Consulting

FSG has a division that supports the intricate realm of retirement planning by focusing on sponsored retirement plans, such as 401(k) and profit-sharing plans.

This division is called Forerunner, their team is committed to staying ahead of the curve on solutions, regulations, and support for you and your business. They simplify processes and offering clear-cut effective solutions. With Forerunner you can confidently provide yourself and your employees crucial benefits and tools.

Question: How many business owners exit their business?
Answer: All of them. Either on their terms or someone else’s.

If you have built a profitable business or are running a business that has been passed through generations, over that time, you have developed decision-making skills that have made you successful. Your time has been spent dealing with personnel decisions, capital allocations, growing sales, cutting costs, and constantly putting out fires. This is in addition to the new challenges wealth can create, that you ultimately must learn how to navigate.

Unfortunately, the decision-making skills you have developed as a business owner can be ill-suited to the investing process. Your free time is limited so sometimes, delegating this to a professional is the best way to be successful.

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