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Christine: Her Call

It was spring 2020 during the market downturn. The phone rang, and Christine*, a client of six years was on the other end. “The market is down”, she began—and as we waited to hear her concerns and fears—she instead announced, “I’m sending a check to invest!”

This was indeed the recommended action for her situation, and this is the case for most situations. We celebrate hearing from clients who are fortunate enough to be able to look for opportunities when markets are volatile. There is potential opportunity because when prices drop, it can be possible to snap up quality investments at good—to great—prices. You can make much of your money (rate of return) during a down market; you just don’t realize it at the time. “Buying low” gives you the possibility to possess investments that are good to own –particularly when you receive professional guidance—while achieving potentially greater returns in the future.

Christine is consistent as well. She does not attempt to time the market, jumping “out” when it is low or giving into FOMO (fear of missing out) when the market is booming. With our assistance, she also regularly contributes to an investment account. As a self-employed woman approaching retirement, quarter after quarter, or month after month, “set it and forget it” as a habit works in her favor.

She learned this behavior and way of thinking from her mother, who was a leading woman stockbroker in her metropolitan area in the 1970s. While taught to Christine from a young age, for other individuals, it is never too late to learn and adopt new beneficial habits.

We encourage you to begin a conversation with us about “good investor behavior” and your unique situation.

*Name changed

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