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Through The Prudent Action Approach, our specialized retirement process, your advisor can assist you in anticipating your financial needs in retirement (projecting how much you will have available to live on) and how to best work through the unexpected or unforeseen challenges that arise as you get closer to this momentous life event.

Questions addressed by The Prudent Action Approach include:

  • What are your fears regarding retirement, if any?
  • What income will you need in retirement?
  • What if you are forced into an early retirement due to illness, or choose an early retirement?
  • You’ve spent your life working for money. In retirement, how will your money work for you?

At/After retirement we can also provide investment advice and ongoing management of your financial assets utilizing our Quality Portfolio Process (QPP).

This proprietary investing process is informed by fundamental and statistical portfolio theory, and layered decision-making by our advisors, with the purpose of addressing the naturally existing traps/flaws of the investing process. It is standardized and repeatable by all the advisors in our office.

We are always happy to discuss the five-step Quality Portfolio Process that we adhere to, in further detail.

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