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Brad: Building a Future

The best way out is through—Robert Frost.

The financial version: To get out of the workforce to a successful retirement, you must first go through the workforce.

Brad* recognized this from an early age when he visited our office with questions on how to build financial stability, and independence, and prepare for his future while working. We created a financial plan and over the years adjustments were made as “life” happened.

As he accomplished more and more professionally, his savings and investment contributions increased proportionately. Today the conversation has shifted to discussing retirement, utilizing set-aside assets for his children’s weddings, and his last child graduating from University.

Brad is approaching a big transition in his life—the end of his traditional work life in Construction and Development—and requested our expertise when he turned 50 to help him analyze his potential income during his future retirement, and how he can affect the results with actions today and over the coming decade. We are happy to report that his deliberate commitment to optimizing his financial life is making the future he envisioned more likely to be a reality. 

*Name changed

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