Forward Thinking, Proactive Planning

As an independent financial planning firm, Financial Solutions Group offers a range of planning-driven services designed to cater to your needs and best interests. We use our combined experience from working with clients for over 30 years to attempt to both plan for your current needs as well as anticipate future challenges.

At the foundation of each of our services are innovative and refined processes designed to create a consistent and reliable experience while educating and empowering you to make informed financial decisions. These processes provide the essential framework for us to systematically simplify your financial life without missing any critical steps, freeing up our ability to focus on your unique goals and needs as an individual.

Investment/Money Management

With experience in all market conditions, we recognize what processes and solutions are most appropriate under different market and economic scenarios and can proactively advise accordingly. We develop tailored strategies and management services comprised of a wide universe tax- and fee-advantaged investment options to help achieve:

  • Asset Accumulation for innovative growth and risk management strategies
  • Wealth Management for ongoing oversight and support
  • Wealth Continuance for legacy and succession planning goals

Learn more about our Investment Management Process.

Comprehensive Financial Planning 

We bring together the many pieces that comprise your financial life to provide knowledgeable guidance on critical planning decisions, including:

  • Retirement Planning 
  • Succession Planning
  • Lifetime Planning 
  • Asset Protection
  • High Net Worth Strategies

Learn more about our Financial Planning Experience.

Strategic/Situational Planning: 

We are committed to providing service for the long term and work to anticipate and support your unexpected life changes, including the selling of a business or a sudden windfall.