Integrated Investment Approach

Financial Solutions Group is committed to an integrated investment approach that incorporates both quantitative and qualitative data to design and manage your investment portfolios. 

Quality Portfolio Process

Through our signature Quality Portfolio Process, we integrate the art and science of investing to create an appropriate portfolio reflective of your needs and objectives:


Custom-Tailored Portfolios

We build custom portfolios that take into account your specific financial situation, (such as liquidity needs, tax considerations and cash flow obligations,) along with time horizons and income versus growth needs, (including short, medium and long-term financial objectives.)

Statistical & Fundamental Analysis

We include multiple layers of diversification in our custom-built portfolios through a mix of asset classes, investment vehicles and fund managers.

  • Asset classes including (but not limited to): Domestic, foreign, global, stock, bond, large cap, small cap, mid cap and long- med- short duration bonds.
  • Fund managers are reviewed based on criteria including: Performance; consistency; responsiveness to changing markets and similar; consideration as to how the fund manager makes decisions, whether through team, committee or individually.
  • Investment vehicles may include (but are not limited to): Mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, individual stocks and bonds, private placements, individually managed portfolios and separately managed accounts.

Dynamic & Periodic Monitoring

We periodically monitor your portfolio, tracking world events including political, economic and financial, as well as numerous business indicators. We search for potential risk and opportunities that could impact your investments. We make adjustments to your allocations based on this analysis as needed.

Ultimately, the Quality Portfolio Process is a hands-on approach that factors in your specific situation and outside influences (economic conditions) to create portfolio recommendations. We design and subsequently manage your accounts with a focus on risk management, diversification and after-tax returns, to take advantage of market upside while minimizing downside risks.