Preserving Your Life’s Work & Maximizing Your Legacy

At Financial Solutions Group, we believe your wealth’s transfer to the next generation should be economical and efficient to fully leverage the value of your life’s work and the power it can provide to your children, grandchildren or heirs.

As such, we have created a two-sided framework to help ensure the benefits of your comprehensive financial planning continue seamlessly to your heirs.

1) The first role involves working with you to designate beneficiaries in a way that maximizes the value of your life’s work and avoids any pitfalls, penalties or squandering of assets. 

2) Your beneficiaries have the second role. They will be faced with important and immediate financial, legal and tax decisions during what can be a difficult time in their lives, in addition to the fresh challenges newfound wealth can create. This transition should be as seamless as possible, and that is the driving goal of our Legacy Continuation service.

Our team is here to serve as an ongoing resource to you and your heirs, and we have the tools and experience to provide the guidance needed to proactively manage these transitions of wealth with great care and expertise. The question for you becomes, are you willing to take proactive action? Our office is ready to respond promptly to any questions, comments, or concerns you may have around the inheritance process.


Signator Investors, Inc. and its representatives do not provide tax and legal advice.  Please consult your tax advisor or attorney for such guidance.