Financial Solutions Group (FSG) was founded in Western Pennsylvania in 1992 with the goal of making the financial planning services and expertise that is available to the ultra-high net worth accessible to the average individual. 

Poor financial choices and financial strife create bad marriages, bad vices and all the ancillary items that come with financial hardship. We believe that by helping one person at a time avoid the financial trap of keeping up with the Joneses and teaching them to invest and manage their finances wisely, we were helping them have a life well lived. Today we help individuals and businesses create the financial and personal future they desire across the United States.

At the time of its beginnings in Western Pennsylvania, the economic and social landscape was among the leading company closures and job losses in the country for both blue and white-collar industries. This was a difficult environment (to put in mildly) for individuals, families and business owners. However, for Financial Solutions Group, it provided an unparalleled opportunity to experience and witness the habits that guide people through the decision-making processes that lead to success. 

Over the past three decades, our firm has been designed to develop scalable, repeatable processes to learn from and leverage the successes of those in similar financial planning situations, while catering directly to your individual needs. We have continued to be early-adapters of technology that provide efficiency and are forward-thinking not only for your financial planning needs but also the longevity of Financial Solutions Group as a business. We are continuously investing in our infrastructure with the vision to provide a consistent and dependable business and service experience for generations to come.