The Forgotten Man

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Who is the forgotten man (and woman)?  This is a person who has built a lifetime of quiet success.  They help their neighbor, save for their future, work diligently, stay devoted to their family and community across the years—yet do not receive accolades or congratulations (however, true to this “man’s” character, do not necessarily expect them).  Their valuable contributions have been taken for granted and are commonly overlooked, because today, it’s all about how fast a thing can be done, the instant of success that goes viral, likes and comments and shares on social media. 

We would like to give credit to the forgotten man (and woman).  We would like to pay tribute to an example of such a man who passed away last year—one of our first clients.  We would like to share some of the judgment and insight we have received over the span of our thirty-two-year relationship with him, in addition to insight from other clients sharing their family and life stories over Financial Solutions Group’s years in business. 

Here are a few insights we have learned.

  • Sometimes people that give you a hard time are trying to help you (sometimes not…).  Confrontation is their way of forcing you to think, to self-reflect, and offering themselves as a mentor.
  • A common trait of the forgotten man or woman?  The embracing of methodical discipline, sacrifice, and servitude to give to others (family, friends, community).  They are not the center of the universe—they have found that you must give in order to receive.  You must improve someone else’s life in order to be successful, or to make a profit in business.
  • Time spent with your children is time—there is no such thing as quality time.  All time is and should be valuable.  Being available for them is more important than designated “quality time” (excluding being a Zamboni or Helicopter parent).
  • Your income has nothing to do with your status as a forgotten man or woman.
  • Stories are the oldest form of passing on wisdom, insight, and judgement.  The stories that people tell their family stick and become the guideposts across generations; these can be applied to how to make decisions, including financial decisions.  What guideposts are you providing your family or business?


We share these topics with the intent to make you laugh, make you think, or to give you tools to improve your life. We hope that this issue accomplishes all three.


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